pieter-holland-muter2bPieter Holland-Muter (32), ex-British Army paratrooper

“Five years of physical trauma from para–jumping resulted in severe neurological pain in my right shoulder, neck and arm. Following an MRI, a neurosurgeon advised that surgery was the only route. I decided to look for an alternative option. After three treatments with Dr Gerhard v d Merwe, my symptoms started subsiding. Weeks later I was pain-free and able to do what I love most – surfing and mountain biking.”


Holly Smith (68), publisher

“I’ve been a client of Dr Van der Merwe for about 12 years and he’s made a huge difference in my life. Using his vast knowledge of how the human body works and drawing from many different exercise approaches, he has given me spinal stability and improved my joint mobility and balance. Seeing him is not a luxury – it’s a necessity for my good health.”


Neil Osborn (69), company chairman

“I have a mild case of ankylosing spondylitis. For more than 10 years, regular sessions with Dr Van der Merwe have maintained my flexibility and held the effects of the disease at bay. I’m very grateful to him.”


Marlies Baumann (52)

Marlies Baumann“I’m a passionate horse rider. Two years ago, I had hip and lower back pain for a month and tried yoga, exercises and massage therapy for relief. However, the pain worsened. After two treatments with Dr Van der Merwe, my pain subsided. And after another few treatments, I was pain-free. I subsequently visited the centre again because of neck pain which was diagnosed as a facet arthritis and spondylosis from an earlier injury. After six treatments my pain was gone. I now faithfully follow all the instructions to prevent a recurrence.”