Medication does nothing to treat the underlying cause of back pain, which is often related to body mechanics. For the vast majority, back pain comes on gradually and is the result of a strain in the range of bones, ligaments and muscles that make up the spine. It can last months or days, manifesting itself as restricted flexibility, a low ache, or shooting pains. Causes also may be arthritis, trauma, slipped discs or sciatica.

Because of our increasingly sedentary, desk-bound lives, back pain is replacing traditional industrial injuries as the number one reason for sick leave. Poor posture while sitting or long hours spent sitting in any position, is one of the key reasons why people develop chronic back pain in the first place.

Once we’ve treated the cause of a patient’s back pain, we prescribe a maintenance exercise regime of powerful, yet simple, structural movements that help strengthen and realign a patient’s body posture by working on his/her core. The latter is anything that connects to the pelvis, whether above or below it, and this includes hamstrings, glutes and adductor muscles.

Because exercise often leads to improved posture, range of motion and body functionality, it can help treat the underlying source of pain, as well as help prevent a recurrence of chronic back pain. Our exercise programme teaches all those muscles to work together through integrated movement chains instead of compartmentalised movements.